We can paint the container with metallic RAL colors of your own choice. Either external or internal surface or even both. You choose a RAL code of the list and we deliver it within 3-5 days.


We carry out insulations either by using 4cm polyurethane or mineral wool and dressing the surface with pasterboard.The insulated container can be ideal for perishable products or ideal for home, office, room etc.


We undertake the sandblasting of container upon request to remove any corrosions and polish metal surfaces. The sandblasting is an innovative method of cleaning old and worn paint, rust, grease, dust of a steel container’s surface. It is a process that is a prerequisite for a container to be painted.

The wetblasting technique is used in the container industry to maintain them in good condition, to prolong their lifespan and save money to their owner.

The procedure consists of high pressure blasting of smoothening material and water towards the container surface. The procedure in question can either smoothen a wild surface or roughen a smooth one, and shape the form of a surface while removing any debris and remnants.