Metcon’s people

Daniilidis Dimitrios

Administrator - operations manager
35 years of experience in the transport field have made him able to face different situations and all kinds of difficulties.

Voutas Georgios - Voutas Pericles

Special transport managers
Brothers with specialties in economics and engineering respectively, along with 70 years pioneering in special transports.

Daniilidis Ioannis

Sales manager
Responsibility and respect. Two different values to win the customer.

Daniilidis Ilias

Diligence and flexibility in order to provide tailored, complete solutions to customers who are seeking for quality and innovative products.


Kakoulantonaki Eirini

Organization is what defines a well-operating accounting department. A particularly demanding profession that requires a clear mind and patience. Values governing lady of our company.

Karathanasis Thanasis

Accountant for decades in big companies like Hellenic Fertlizers S.A