Container Storage (Container Depot)

Metcon has a very large space of 28,000 sq. measures for the safe and convenient storage of all container species, as well as goods and materials which are deposited in the alfresco. The area is extremely safe and has experienced staff that covers all the needs of the terminal.

24/7 Storage

24/7 Electronic Surveillance

Cargo insurance, Theft, Fire, up to 400,000 euros

We undertake the palletization of cargos, the evacuation and filling of containers. Our warehouse is updated daily with the entrance of empty and full containers as well as the departures and the customer can be aware of what is in our depot anytime through an integrated system. We can also offer our new customers who are located far from the 2 depots we have in Athens and Thessaloniki to choose a container that match their needs into a little search time after their visit to our digital repository.