20 Open Side container

Also commonly known as 20’ Full Side Access, the 20’ Open Side container has rear door access and full side access on the right hand side. Door openings are 270º with side doors opening the full length of the container for optimum side access, allowing for easy loading of oversize cargo with a forklift truck.

Care instructions

1. The container should sit on a level surface, otherwise the door will not open and close properly. If the soil that would be placed is not level, then we recommend to place a concrete block under each corner of the container. The blocks should be placed under the iso – container posts in the 4 corners.
The corner posts of the container are each 17 to 18 centimeters (7 inches).
2. We recommend you to grease the door, the hinges and the lock rods on the door at regular intervals in order to preserve a normal function of the doors.
3. Make sure that all products are dry before loading. If damp goods are placed inside the container, then this will cause condensation.