Company history

In Metcon we know that time is precious.
The last few decades transport have been the major subject of our competence. Besides truck services, we have expanded to include fast track customer service in terms of container. It’s modification, secure transport and placement according to your needs, it is a daily habbit for us.
The company has now developed a new special department in collaboration with our architect, to provide well-rounded solutions in matter of container constructions. The values that govern us are hard work, respect, devotion, teamwork in conjuction with the eagerness that characterizes us and the effort of our employees makes us thrive in a competitive enviroment.
21 years later we feel more eager than ever to offer our services and use our experience to the benefit of all our partners.


  • 1976 First steps

    In 1976 Daniilidis Dimitrios is hired as an employee in Viotiki Ltd. and starts engaging in the transport sector.

  • 1984 Gaining experience

    In 1984 he is hired in Collaborative Athens and stays there until 1987.

  • 1987 First business establishment

    In 1987 he launches his first national transport company with an ambition to establish himself in the field.

  • 1995 Metcon

    Daniilidis Dimitrios sells his corporate share and launches Metcon Hellenic Transport Ltd. together with the brothers George and Pericles Voutas, owners of the family business Voutas SA which specializes in special-heavy trucksand with a history of over 100 years.
    Long-term trends in the field of transport have led to the decision for the company creation that today is synonymous with reliability.

  • 2015 Containers trade

    2015 is a landmark year for Metcon as it is now strongly entering the container merchandising business. We believe that our experience for decades as a depot is our main advantage to serve our customers in the best possible way.